Addressing oral mucositis, a debilatating condition that accompanies most cancer treatments

About Us

 Neugenica, LLC develops novel polymeric materials to treat and prevent oral mucositis (or mouth sores), a debilitating condition that follows radiation and chemotherapy for cancer treatment. These novel polymers are designed to mimic the properties of natural carbohydrates that coat the surface of the oral cavity while also providing therapeutic relief.   

The Medical Problem

Oral mucositis is a painful inflammation and ulceration of the oral cavity. This is a common and often debilitating complication following radiation or chemotherapy. Oral mucositis affects between 80-100% of head and neck cancer patients and 40% of all cancers patients, which is approximately 500,000 patients per year in the U.S. alone. This is considered by patients as the most painful side effect of cancer treatment. Patients often abandon cancer treatment due to their inability to cope with severe mouth sores. We at Neugenica are setting the stage to change this dynamic. 

Our Unique Solution

We have developed novel polymers that coats the oral cavity and can be used to both prevent and treat oral mucositis.  These polymers are being developed as part of an oral formulation to adhere to the mucosal surface by a process called mucoadhesion. Our novelty also lies in the fact that these polymers can linked to therapeutic agents (eg. antibiotics, antifungals, NSAIDS, radioprotectants among others) and conditions in the oral cavity are ideal for slow cleavage of these therapeutic agents leading to prolonged release for localized effect. 


Russell Pesavento, DDS, PhD

Dr. Pesavento is the President and current CSO at Neugenica. He is a Practicing General Dentist and author of several patents related to oral health care. He has over 5 years experience in drug discovery and development.

Shahila Mehboob Christie, PhD

Dr. Mehboob Christie is the CEO and current COO at Neugenica. She is an Entrepreneur Scientist with previous experience setting up and managing startups. She has over 14 years experience in the life sciences and biotech sector.

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